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  • Structural (Physical) Pain/Discomfort

    Generalized Joint & Muscle Pain, Neurogenic Pain, Subluxation, Headaches, Neck, Low Back, Mid Back, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist/Hand, Knee, Ankle/Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Degenerative Disc/Joint Disease, Arthritis, Herniated Disc, Sports Injuries, Scoliosis

  • Biochemistry Imbalance

    Fatigue, Digestive Issues, Insomnia, Blood Sugar Dysfunction, Weight Gain, Chronic UTIs, Candida/ Yeast Infections, Gout, Erectile Dysfunction, Irregular Menses, Infertility, Sugar Cravings, Thyroid Disease, Autoimmune Disease, Brain fog, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Psyche-Stress

    Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, Inability to concentrate, Inability to cope with stress, Panic disorder, Mood Disorders, Phobias, Eating Disorders, OCD

  • Physiological (Organ) issues

    Brain, Thyroid, Lungs, Spleen, Pancreas, Stomach, Small Intestine, Liver, Gallbladder, Heart, Ileocecal Valve, Colon, Reproductive Organs, Adrenals, Kidneys

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Katrina Waynar DC

“There is no one size fits all approach to healing! My mission is to support and empower people in their own unique journey in health and wellness.”

My Journey

In my early 20s, I sought the advice of my primary care doctor due to a gradual onset of daily headaches. The discomfort in my head would come and go and it felt as if my head and neck were being squeezed. The headaches would often be accompanied by neck pain, poor concentration, anxiety, and poor sleep. My doctor ran some blood labs and ordered a CT scan to evaluate my concerns. Upon evaluation of the results, my doctor explained the headaches were a symptom of elevated thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH and diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. I was prescribed Levothyroxine in two different dosages and told to come back in 6 months to re-evaluate labs.

I followed up 6 months later with inconsistent results. However, my labs showed TSH was now within the lab reference range and my doctor recommended I keep taking Levothyroxine with an annual follow up. I continued to intermittently have headaches and all my other symptoms. This became my new normal.