Dr. Katrina Waynar

My Journey

In my early 20s, I sought the advice of my primary care doctor due to a gradual onset of daily headaches. The discomfort in my head would come and go and it felt as if my head and neck were being squeezed. The headaches would often be accompanied by neck pain, poor concentration, anxiety, and poor sleep. My doctor ran some blood labs and ordered a CT scan to evaluate my concerns. Upon evaluation of the results, my doctor explained the headaches were a symptom of elevated thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH and diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. I was prescribed Levothyroxine in two different dosages and told to come back in 6 months to re-evaluate labs.

I followed up 6 months later with inconsistent results. However, my labs showed TSH was now within the lab reference range and my doctor recommended I keep taking Levothyroxine with an annual follow up. I continued to intermittently have headaches and all my other symptoms. This became my new normal.

I continued to take two alternating dosages of Levothyroxine throughout my 20s. My follow up labs were occasionally out of the reference ranges and my medication was adjusted often.  It was not until about five years later as a student in chiropractic school that I learned about thyroid disease, why my lab values were inconsistent, and most important- why my symptoms never actually improved.

By the time I started to really understand the true causes of thyroid disease and the myriad of symptoms associated with it, my health was at it’s worst. My daily life had become a survival routine. Getting out of bed was a struggle and any small stressor seemed to render me mentally and physically exhausted. I experienced bouts of depression, hair loss, brain fog, stomach aches, food sensitivities, hormonal irregularity, blood sugar dysregulation, and the worst- cystic acne! In addition to feeling poorly most days, I also felt disconnected socially from my family and friends. No one really understood what I was feeling- not even my doctors. I never felt like myself.

My declining symptoms drove me to learn as much as I could about my body and how to heal it. I continued my education and worked alongside many different doctors and health professionals who used a comprehensive approach to patient care. I became awakened to understanding the body and mind are connected through many mechanisms. The more I learned and applied to my own health, the better I felt! This health transformation led me to a greater understanding of how to address the complexity of health concerns that many people face today. There is no one size fits all approach to healing! My mission is to support and empower people in their own unique journey in health and wellness.

Education & Background

Dr. Katrina Waynar is originally from Fort Dodge, Iowa. She joined the Army Reserve as a senior in high school. She is a veteran of foreign war and currently continues her commitment to the Army Reserve with 18 years of service. Her college education started at Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology. She went on to graduate from Cleveland University in Overland Park, KS with a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. Dr. Waynar is licensed in Missouri and Iowa.

Areas of Specialty

Dr. Waynar specializes in Chiropractic Kinesiology with a functional medicine approach. Her post-doctorate education includes training in a neuro-emotional technique (NET), physiotherapy, applied kinesiology, clinical kinesiology, acupuncture, bio-resonance therapy, Sacro-occipital technique (SOT), blood laboratory analysis, food inflammation testing (FIT), Shape Reclaimed program, homeopathy, essential oils, and clinical nutrition.

“There is no one size fits all approach to healing! My mission is to support and empower people in their own unique journey in health and wellness.”

Our Philosophy

Healthcare for the 21st century is evolving to a wellness-based system instead of the historical sick care management paradigm. Assessment and examination are based on addressing the underlying causes of disease with emphasis on functionality and health status of all body systems. This holistic-oriented approach promotes the engagement of both patient and provider in a collectively therapeutic partnership. Treatment plans are based on what is ideal for patient recovery and co-management is important among providers.

This cutting edge wellness care includes what is referred to or referenced as a form of alternative medicine. The implication of “alternative” suggests that this system is utilized more commonly as a secondary option to traditional health care. The idea of competing systems is out of date. As costs of national health care expenditures rise in a disease-managed nation, a shift to a more patient-centered approach is vital to provide effective and cost-efficient care.

Our mission at Chiropractic Kinesiology Clinic is to identify the root cause of both acute and chronic conditions through careful investigation of all components of health. Our treatment techniques are focused on the overall functionality of the body. Different types of tissue distress can cause various dysfunction in the body, and proper assessment of these dysfunctions are key to unlocking the doors to healing and invaluable to achieving optimum health.