Bionetic Scan

SpectraVision is a cutting-edge biofeedback analysis and treatment that examines the organs in each of the major systems of the body including digestive, hormonal, immune and lymphatic components. The technology evaluates all of these systems to pinpoint areas of stress, trauma and disease, which may be compromising your health and causing symptoms of fatigue, chronic illness and a variety of aches and pains. It is a painless and non-invasive way for anyone to find out more about their current level of health.

The SpectraVision’s biofeedback technology works with your body’s acupuncture meridians and measures your stress response to thousands of substances that can be potential stress factors. Acupuncture meridians are channels of energy that flow through the body in specific locations. If we find weaknesses within the acupuncture system, we indirectly find out about the status of your organs and glands themselves.

SpectraVision has the ability to truly measure and compare all of the acupuncture meridians in the body simultaneously. It automatically compares all of your body’s energy pathways to determine which areas are under stress. SpectraVision automatically tests for unique stress factors and prioritizes them. This technology can be used to focus on the emotional and mental stress factors behind a client’s situation or level of health.

The goal of the SpectraVision is to find the natural remedies and supplements that will balance your acupuncture meridians as well as address your unique stress factors. Your natural remedies will then be customized specifically for you, based on your personal scan results. These customized remedies will assist your body in healing and dealing with your unique stressors to regain your body’s optimal level of wellness.

Preparation & Testing Instructions:

  • Drink plenty of water (16-24oz) at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.  
  • It is best that you do not eat one hour prior to testing.
  • Stop supplements 24 hours prior to testing.
  • No alcohol or caffeine within 12 hours of testing.


  • Subcutaneous TENS units: must be able to deactivate the unit so it doesn’t interfere.
  • Pregnancy: not recommended.
  • Pacemakers: Single Channel only; NO MULTI-CHANNEL.
  • OK: metal plates, pins, rods, and denture implants.
  • Organ transplants or if taking Immuno-Suppressive drugs.
  • Pacemakers: Single Channel only; NO MULTICHANNEL.
  • Seizures: No MC scan or if on Seizure medications; SC only, Micro Herbals Okay.
  • No Shunts of any kind.
  • Struck by Lightning: call for more information.
Bionetic scan appointment cost is $150/scan and includes scan, review of scan, and balance. The appointment cost does NOT include additional supplements.