EmOtox Body Balance

Accurate Personalized Therapies

Using data from your SpectraVision scan, your Bionetic Practitioner will assess blockages to the free flow of energy in your body that are associated with a variety of different substances – from dairy and grains; to dust, pollen, molds and many more. Then, he or she will build a personalized therapy, introduced by non-invasive low level laser therapy, for specific acupuncture points on the body. Supportive products, designed specifically for you, may also be recommended. The EBB Protocol, combined with SpectraVision™ technology, makes desensitization easy, fast and thorough. By supporting your body to create new and different associations with each substance to which you are sensitive, SpectraVision’s delivery of powerful homeopathic frequencies literally resets your body’s response to these substances in real-time!

Freedom in 10 Sessions or Less

During each session, a new set of imbalances will reveal themselves to be addressed and resolved. You may picture peeling layers from an artichoke to get to the heart; lessening toxic burdens to reveal an optimal state of health is very much the same. Each EmOtox session lessens and/or resolves another layer of obstacles to wellness, revealing a more energetic, happy and healthy you – and freeing life-force energy to resolve deeper imbalances and symptoms. EBB has organized a specialized sequence for addressing most common stressors; the full 10-visit protocol is recommended.

Quick, Easy, and Non-invasive

Because SpectraVision is frequency-based therapy, there is very little you need to do to prepare. Just drink water and be
adequately hydrated. Then simply watch, as your relationship with old stressors shifts, in the coming days to weeks and you feel
more energetic, aware and content.