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CT-Spore, 120 Caps

CT-Spore is a soil-based probiotic, formulated with carefully selected bacterial strains to support a balanced microbiome, immunity, optimal digestion, and the body’s natural ability to remove unwanted elements.

Many traditional probiotics are torn apart by stomach acid, which means they rarely travel far enough through the GI tract to deliver results. Spore-based probiotics are naturally more resistant to stomach acid, which encourages a greater delivery of healthy bacteria to the intestinal tract.

Spore-forming probiotics are stable at room temperature, so there’s no need for refrigeration. Sourcing probiotics from the soil offers a wider range of beneficial bacteria we rarely get in our diets anymore due to cooking, peeling, or sanitizing our produce.

Product Overview

The 12 strains of healthy bacteria in CT-Spore team up and work synergistically to take your detox, digestion, and immunity to the next level of health and healing.

CT-Spore helps nourish your microbiome with the exact strains of good bacteria it needs to thrive. Supporting your digestion with a spore-based probiotic may also help improve your body’s natural immune defense against unwanted substances.

As Part of the Protocol

CT-Spore is introduced in Phase 4 of the Foundational Protocol or Phase 3 of the Comprehensive Protocol — after opening drainage pathways and clearing out a variety of unwanted substances. This lays a strong foundation for beneficial bacteria to populate and improve the gut microbiome terrain.
CT-Spore can help with stubborn digestive symptoms stemming from compromised gut health. It nurtures the body’s intuitive health-promoting functions, providing momentum for long-term, optimal wellness

Available in an easy-to-take capsule that does not require refrigeration (travel-friendly)
Helps optimize digestion and immunity
Soil-based and stomach acid resistant for enhanced absorption
Supports detoxification efforts

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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