Thera Tri Light Panel

Thera Tri Light Panel

Therasage Prides itself on being the “World’s Leader” on developing cutting edge Infrared devices and health science applications to achieve optimal health outcomes. Our new “Tri-Lite” Panel generates high powered Red Light and Near-Infrared Frequencies in a soft, light-weight, flexible panel.  “Tri-Lite” is a Therasage exclusive Light Emitting Diode (LED) that succinctly generates the healing light frequencies, in the red light spectrum from  600-680 nm, and the near-infrared spectrum from 800 to 880nm, and 900 to 980nm, all from each diode. High powered and highest amount of irradience for your highest benefit!

Includes One Thera TriLight Panel, One USB power cord, and One USB plug.



Thera360 Upgrade to Plus - Front Red Light Panels and Install Kit (universal for all voltages)



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